‘Get Rich Secrets’ Will Not Turn Your Failure in Success

Time to confess! In my starting days, I was kind of hooked to all those “get rich quick” and “learn to make $250 per day on autopilot” types of info products being touted by “online personalities” and “warriors”.

Their sale copies were just too tempting for novice like me to see the real picture. Now, my sole question for such guides is: Why is the guy not using his idea to make money, rather than trying to earn by selling the secret?

I often ended up buying such crazy business ideas and strategies when it came to discovering marvelous new ‘stuff’ to purchase. “Get 50,000 New Leads Today”, Software That Practically Runs Your Business for You… ..blah, blah, blah.

Anyone looking to earn money online has seen those advertisements?

According to by John Janstch of DuctTapeMarketing.com, there are five things that any sane businessperson ought to never pay for:

  • Advertising where results can’t be quanitified
  • (Bogus) Referrals
  • Reviews of your business
  • Backlinks to your site
  • Opt-in newsletter emails


By all methods, invest in advertising. However, pick your advertising mediums that really focus on your target customers. Achieving a huge number of soccer fans with a message about expert biotic pooch nourishment is likely not going to be extremely beneficial.

Bogus Referrals

There is a barely recognizable difference between paying for referrals and boosting your clients to get the message out. An advertisement that says get 3 companions for a sundae and get yours free is a motivating force. Posting an online ad that offers to pay for “app installation”, “share on Instagram”, “Like on Facebook” or clicks to a specific site will only attract the freeloaders, not real customers to your site. If you need referral to grow your business, incentivize for real customers who pay.

Free Review of Your Business

There are too many self-styled experts out there who, for a few, will give you a “complete review” of your business or website, and tell you what you should be doing differently, usually involving buying a product or service that they offer.  If you feel that you need a business review, it should be done by someone you know and trust, someone who is an expert in your niche and will give you actionable advice, not a sales pitch.

Opt-in E-Mails

Don’t pay for newsletter blasts to a bunch of people who opted in to any other website. The obvious concerns are: how legitimate is the opt-in lists, and what is the quality of the list. How old is the list? What kind of people are on the list? Paying money for such newsletter blasts to unverified lists is unlikely to bring you desired results. Instead, ask the newsletter database owner to work as an affiliate earning referral incentives for each successful sale.

Have you seen any of these quack remedy types prowling about? Have you been enticed? We welcome your comments and queries.

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  1. Most of the get rich guides are just bluff. Like that someone is actually telling the truth.

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