How to Grow Your Website into Market Authority?

Anyone can start a website, but the real challenge is to grow a website and establish yourself as a market leader. There are two aspects to it.

1) Brand Recognition

2) Website Traffic

Brand recognition, or personal branding for individuals, is nothing but establishing yourself as a market leader, and/or a serious player treated as worthy competition. In another way, it’s the brand visibility and market perception.

Traffic is one of the metrics of success for any website or blog. The more the traffic, better the income opportunity. So, how do you manage to make people keep visiting your website.

1) Generate Content

Content is the king for all websites, even for ecommerce stores. You must keep offering new stuff to your users. That’s why this is at the top.

Never compromise on content. Plan ahead and keep content scheduled to be published regularly. This means your website stays fresh and meaningful even when you are sick or not available for publishing new content. That’s exactly what pros do.

For instance, media companies keep their magazines ready and maintain a story base for at least a couple of issues with them so as to avoid any potential breakdown.

2) Shout Out Loud

Publishing articles is not enough. Advertise and publicize your website as much as you can. Use every social media platform, tell your friends, family & each person you meet about your website. Don’t be frightened to share.

3) Email Campaigns

When you are running a serious business, you go to the edge of the world to get the success you want. Take the same spirit with your online venture. Send bulk emails and newsletters to as many people as possible. Reach to the grey areas of email marketing laws. We won’t do anything that’s barred by the law, but we will do anything that’s not illegal. Forget morality or any kind of shame!

4) Stalk the Influencers

Only those succeed who are seen as leaders. For this, you need to be seen with the existing market leaders & influencers. Make yourself visible to the existing personalities in your space.

How to do this?

Follow the leaders on social media. Send them emails, cold emails, with slightest of excuses. Send out shouts to them via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Shower them with admiration. Once you get noticed, try to enter the inner circle by getting them in your social media network.

5) Use Advertising

Do not hesitate in using advertising. It’s one of the fastest way of getting results, with some investment. Let the cost factor not intimidate you. Start using online ads wisely to create a brand visibility, and to generate traffic to your website. With some budget, you can establish yourself as a serious market contender.