Upcycle is the New Mantra for Content Marketing

Recycling, or rather upcycling, is the mantra for you if you manage websites and blogs. If you have been maintaining a blog and publishing articles for a while, you have tonnes of content that can be repurposed or recycled for your content marketing strategies.

When I am too busy to put together a fresh piece of content or run out of ideas, I dish out some evergreen, old blog posts, articles, or e-book, and re-purpose the old content for today’s audience.

After all, a lot of hard goes into creating content and if something has worked well in the past, it’s worth giving it an extra push with a fresh angle, improvements for the current trends and bring it for the benefit of the audience.

Why Upcycle Old Content?

  • Proven content brings more traffic as your visitors are already looking for the same content
  • Over time, trends change and it makes sense to update the information with more relevant illustrations and images
  • Changing the presentation / medium of the content makes it entirely new, without much extra work. For example, make a presentation from an old article, create a video using old content, or convert an e-book into crisp article. Use old articles to create a newsletter email
  • Not all your visitors have seen the old content. You might have lost many readers who were loyal in the past, and gained new regular readers. So, it’s practically 100% fresh content for your new visitors

Recycle: New Content from Old

Look back at previous content you’ve created. Which posts got you the most thank yous, replies or comments? Could you reintroduce that to your audience and give them even more value?

If you are considering re-purposing content, here are a few things to do:

• Review it to ensure the information is still up to date. Add any extra information that you think will be of interest to your readers.

• Tell your readers why you’re bringing it out again. What takeaways do you want to share or what feedback have you received about the content?

• Share it with your mailing list, post it on social media, allow your affiliates to brand it and more.

• For extremely successful content that leads to product sales, consider setting up a pay-per-click program to generate even more business.

Good content is meant to be shared and re-shared. You’ve probably got some gems in your archives, just waiting to be shined and shown again.