How to Find Ideas for Writing Blogs?

Professional bloggers as well as beginners can face writer’s block on occasion.

Here are five suggestions to get the creative juices flowing again. By following these tips, you can increase traffic and start meaningful discussions .

1. Tell an Interesting Story

People follow personal blogs because they can relate to the writer; tell a story that your target audience can identify with and benefit from even if it seems fairly mundane to you.

2. Share a Personal Experience

Share a point of view about your industry, your hobby, your philosophy of life. A personal blog should make your reader feel like they know you. From that familiarity, comes following and from a following comes leads.

3. Respond to someone else’s perspective

Write a review of someone else’s post, or offer an alternate point of view to stimulate discussion and/or controversy. A post that is provocative is far more likely to attract comments.

4. Engage Readers with a Unique Contest

A personal blog is a great place to host a contest because it gives you freedom to choose the purpose of the contest, qualifications and even more ideas to write about later. Consider asking people to share their feedback and award a contributor with a gift card or other hot item that sparks interest from inactive subscribers.

5. Stir Up a Controversy

If you want to get attention (traffic), it doesn’t hurt to stir up some controversy. If it makes readers ask, “Did he/she really say that?” you may find yourself on the receiving end of a number of very passionate comments for (or against) your point. Don’t overdo it, though, lest your personal blog come to resemble the National Enquirer and lose the respect of your audience.

The point of a personal blog is to share your personality, your views and be heard in your niche.

What other ideas do you have to improve our blogging skills? Give your suggestions in the comment box below and I will be sure to answer you personally!